Samples of published work, listed by publication


Litigation clues are found on Facebook, Oct 15, 2007
At Malbrough & Lirette in Houma, La., a secretary browses MySpace and Facebook Web sites each day. She’s not checking the online social networking sites for personal reasons, but is performing one of her job duties.

The culture gap, May 7, 2007
So many countries, so many rules for attorneys to follow.

A new headache for courts: blogging jurors, March 12, 2007
A New Hampshire case involving a juror who posted entries about court duty on his blog has raised the issue of juror blogging, which legal experts said may soon become a regular part of voir dire and jury instructions.


The newlywed game, Dec. 17,18 and 19, 2006
A three-part series about the diversity of Stamford’s newlyweds.

Immigrants may face complications in times of grief, Nov. 27, 2006
After Lauriana Sofia Ostorva died in a car crash in September, her family turned to friends, relatives and the Hispanic community to help them raise money for services.

2006 Greek Cultural Fellowship, Sept. 3, 2006

At odds over dishes, April 17, 2006
They top roofs, peak out from balconies and emerge from side walls. As many as seven have been spotted on a single home in the Cove; many houses have four or five. They are mushrooming all over the neighborhood, outnumbering flowers on some properties and dominating the appearance of many streets.

Cleaning up: a tidy market grows for those in the service industries, March 3, 2006
The smell of bleach filled the bathroom of downtown apartment recently as Flora Ortiz got ready to scrub everything from the doorknob to the toilet bowl.

Gone, but still alive, Feb. 19, 2006
Their 20th wedding anniversary had just passed, but S. Christine Baker was introducing herself to her husband.

Ten years later; survivors of Bosnian massacre can’t forget, July 11, 2005
Ten years after the fall of Srebrenica in her native Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sevala Sulejmanovic still shivers when talking about the war.

Reaching out: in global market, employers do more to acclimate new workers, Feb. 22, 2005
At GE Real Estate, a human resources official once hosted a German employee’s family for a Thanksgiving dinner. UBS Investment Bank has hired consultants to teach new foreign workers how to pay their utility bills and work through the maze of an American school system.


Would-be citizens face host of hurdles, Sept. 17, 2003
Catherine Lamairesse’s children were sad when they couldn’t enter contests on the backs of cereal boxes. Helene Seiler couldn’t get a French au pair to help her take care of her son and daughter. Penny Cox had to pay $500 to get a cell phone in the United States.

Doctor adjusts to life as a patient, Sept. 7, 2003
Dr. Fred Epstein’s hands have saved hundreds of children’s lives by removing deadly brain tumors. Now they have trouble with tasks as small as typing.

Trial exposed Frankel’s wealthy, wacky lifestyle, Feb. 2, 2003
He had some employees sign sex slave contracts, paged them each morning when he wanted a ginger ale and screamed when they made mistakes on documents.  But Martin Frankel also was a boss who couldn’t say no to workers, a boyfriend who often got punched by his girlfriends and an eccentric man who couldn’t stop rambling.

Survivors take stock in terror’s aftermath, Sept. 9, 2002
Odin Wright didn’t paint much before Sept. 11.
He was always artistic — he enjoyed sculpting and graphic design, and his mother remembers him sketching before he could even hold a bottle. But painting was never his favorite form of expression.


Other work includes a feature story about Nortel’s bankruptcy for Corporate Counsel magazine, a story about what Canadian companies are doing in regards to aboriginal people’s rights, and a first-person travel piece about an island in Croatia.

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