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2017 19/Nov

I wrote a feature story about millennials and philanthropy for Carnegie Reporter, the print publication of Carnegie Corporation of New York. The piece discusses how this tech-savvy generation is influencing the philanthropic field. The online version includes links to some great giving tools, such as Goodworld, which lets you donate using a hashtag. Check it out, […]

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2017 14/Nov

Thank you so much to The New School for doing this Q&A with me as part of the graduate school in International Affairs’ alumni spotlights. I loved my time there, and appreciate the values the institution stands for. 

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2017 7/Nov

Fifty years ago today, President Johnson signed into law the landmark Public Broadcasting Act, which later led to the creation of PBS and NPR. Here is a story around the anniversary I wrote for the website of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, which established a commission half a century ago that led to the […]

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2017 24/Oct

As the one-year anniversary of the presidential election approaches, this article I published in the New York Daily News about the First Lady remains very relevant today.

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2016 28/Aug

I had a lot of fun writing this piece about Balkan restaurants in New York for a Canadian outlet. It gave me a good excuse to visit some of my favorite spots from the former Yugoslavia and reconnect with great food from my homeland.

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2016 14/Jul

The New York Times has published my letter to the editor in response to a story about women and childbirth called “Get the Epidural.” In the piece, I point out that women feel all kinds of pressure when it comes to labor and delivery. Instead of creating such pressure, the medical system and our society […]

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2016 28/May

I got to cover the first-ever Security Council election debates at the United Nations for PassBlue, an online publication that covers human rights, development, international justice and other issues through the lens of the UN. The hearings were part of a broader effort to increase transparency and accountability at the UN.

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2016 17/Apr

6 Ways My New York City Life Has Changed Since Having A Baby has published a fun piece I wrote about how my life in the Big Apple has changed since I became a mom.

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